Film Direction Course

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Course include with : History of cinema, notable Films, Film makers and their style of filmmaking. Screenplay writing, Pre-Production Process, Learning Camera, Shooting practical, Editing, Post Production process.

Film Direction Course

Film Direction Course of 3 months (daily Monday to Friday) Fees Rs. 45,000/- only

Film Direction Course short course of 1 month (daily Monday to Friday) Fees Rs. 18000/-

Weekend Film Direction Course of 5 months (every Saturday - Sunday) Fess Rs. 45,000/-

Weekend Film Direction short Course of 2 months (every Saturday - Sunday) Fees Rs. 18000/-

Film Direction Course details

Complete details include with every aspect of Film Direction.


  • Story / Screenplay / Dialogue Writing.
  • Planning Film or TV Project
  • Pre Production.
  • Understanding Cinematography
  • Shooting Practical
  • Editing Process
  • Post Production
  • Screenplay filmsCamerafilm editing

    Film Direction Course details

  • History of Film and TV Industry.
  • Introduction to the Screen Arts and elements.
  • Understanding ways of cinematic storytelling
  • Narrative and non-narrative forms of film making.
  • Linear and nonlinear presentation
  • Storytelling across film, television and other forms of media.
  • Working knowledge of film grammar.
  • Understanding Story, Screenplay and other Scripts formats
  • Script and Character Analysis
  • super objective
  • Project Planning and Creative team (Film, TV, Documentary, TV Advt.)
  • Casting and Aesthetics of Acting
  • Various types of Scene blocking.
  • Types of Cameras and lenses used for Film, and TV.
  • Understanding other film shooting equipment.
  • Process of Pre Production.
  • Team building.
  • Understanding Celebrity system.
  • Understanding and using Clapboard.
  • Understanding TCR
  • Types of Shots and Scene Composition.
  • Golden ratio and Rule of thirds
  • Shot division and visualizing the scene.
  • Film scheduling, Breakdown and Production Management.
  • Production fundamentals
  • Shoot planning
  • Location scouting (Recce)
  • Principles of Photo realism
  • Understanding classic and contemporary composition
  • Symbolism
  • Post Production Workflow and Assembling key components
  • Understanding Editing.
  • Types of editing
  • Editing Process
  • Scene Analysis
  • Understanding VFX, Chroma, DI.
  • Understanding Sound Mixing and Dubbing
  • Final Copy. (Married Print).
  • Additional knowledge

    Beside course we offer lots of additional knowledge on modern cinema and advance film making techniques.

    Lots of learning with motivation and positive energy.

    Understanding human behavior and psychology.

    Understanding human relationship and drama.

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