Film Direction Course

1 month Film Direction (short course) Rs. 18000/- (Include with Story and Screen writing, Pre-Production process, Shooting Practical with Camera, Post Production overview)

FULL COURSE 3 Months. (Mon-Fri) Fees Rs. 45000/-

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Learn how to make a film.

Learn what is real cinema.

What is important film study.

Which movies I should watch?

What is the correct format of a screenplay?

How to do pre production of a film?

How to shoot a film?

How camera works?

What are the nitty-gritty of post production?

How to Edit a film?

if you have many such questions in your mind and you are passionate for Filmmaking! Join us.

These courses are more than just learning.


1 month Film Direction Rs. 18000/-

(include with Screen writing, Pre-Production, Shooting Practical, Post Production overview)


3 Months Course. (Mon-Fri)

5 Months Weekend Course. (Sat-Sun)

Fees Rs. 45,000/-

(Include with Screen writing, Production planning & development, Advance Pre-Production process, Notable films, Film makers and their style of filmmaking, Camera, Shooting Practical, Post Production in detail with Sound and Film Editing)

Daily & Weekend Batches.

Learn Film Direction in Mumbai. A reasonable price course with in-depth learning through Film making theory & Practical. We are located in Goregaon west.

We offer Regular and Weekend batches. Our regular batch is daily (Mon. to Fri.) and weekend batch is every Saturday and Sunday. You can also join us for only Sunday batch. Call us and meet us to know more about course.

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    Film Direction Course in Mumbai call 9769314838.

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    Learn Screenplay writing at Filmit Academy Mumbai.

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    Practical Course in Film making.

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    Understanding Process of Post Production

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Learn Film Direction

A complete course in film making that cover all the aspects of cinema and television. Starting with developing ideas story, screenplay formats and structure of screen writing. Pre-production arrangements, listing, scheduling, breakdowns, Learning Camera, Lens, Lights, Equipment, Scene building, Shooting Practical, Cinematic story telling. Post production, Film making aesthetics, Understanding complete process of post production right from editing to final cut.

Filmit Academy

Regular & Weekend Batches

Regular Batch (Mon-Fri) Duration 3 months. Weekend Batch (Sat-Sun) Duration 5 months

Fees Rs. 45,000/- only.

No Hidden charges

Complete course at the most reasonable price.

CALL 9769314838 Regular and Weekend Batches

Screen Writing

Film screenplay

Learn Screen writing right from developing of Idea to story and screenplay. In our Film Direction course we cover all the elements of screen writing in detail, right from developing your idea to writing a story and preparing commercial screenplay for cinema and TV.

Film Shooting

Film Direction Course

Film shooting with camera, knowing the camera, Unit for film shooting, understanding the use of equipment, learning and working with sound, colors, moods, and lights. knowing the cinematic techniques and implementing your style of cinema. Shooting the way you want and learning movie making the right way.

Post Production

post production

Post production is the final stage of film making. A director should have a detail knowledge and has to be very particular about the post production that include Film Editing, sound, music, VFX, SFX, Color, look and pace of the film. We at Filmit Academy teach you the complete process of Film Post production right from scratch to final cut Married print.

About our Film Direction Course

Filmit Academy a Film making institute we teach complete film direction in a very easy way that is understandable, giving your complete knowledge and boost your confidence. Our fees is reasonable and our course is in details. We cover every minor details of cinema which is important in film making.


We practically teach and motivate our students to explore their talent, keeping it in a small batch we are able to give personal attention to each and every student. We show the right way to start career in film direction.

Course fees

Film Direction Course in Mumbai duration, fees

Film Direction Course

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We offer Film Direction Course in Mumbai at affordable price without skipping any important aspect of Film Direction.

There are many things to be learned in Film making. This filmmaking course helps you start your career in cinema as Film Director or as a Director of Photography (DOP) with practice on camera. one can work as assistant director, assistant cameraman, camera operator. We make you aware of film lighting, and all types of studio lighting, outdoor lighting during the film shooting practicals.